Which statement lower than would describe a constraint, instead of an advantage, of a powerful AIS?

Will there be somehow to print-out a select record?

29) A highly-customized AIS is improve decision-and also make mode for the business. A) An AIS reduces suspicion, and therefore bookkeeping information also provide a foundation for selecting among solution courses out-of step. B) An enthusiastic AIS refers to facts demanding management step. C) An enthusiastic AIS will bring so you're able to their pages numerous suggestions without one selection or condensing of such recommendations. D) An enthusiastic AIS will bring factual statements about the results out-of early in the day decisions and this brings decision producers having opinions that can be used in the future decision making. Answer:Webpage Ref: 12Objective: Reading Goal 6Difficulty : EasyAACSB: Analytic30) Jill Fredson accounts for the fresh send place from the Gammon University.